The Five Second Dance Party, The Artist Savior, and The Accidental Treasure Expedition

IMG-20180525-WA0001My first week of fun in Kampala Uganda, Part 3: The Five Second Dance Party, The artist savior, and the accidental treasure expedition.


The 5 second Dance Party: We went to the Ndere Cultural Center. We witnessed lively, extremely talented, dancers, and musicians, perform traditional dances from the different kingdoms of Uganda and a few of the neighboring countries. They also provided some very entertaining comedy and explained the cultural significance of some instruments, phrases, dances, and courting traditions. We were so caught up in the fun that we used up our phone battery recording the experience. Lesson Learned: Always carry a back up phone or external battery charger. Also Uber is terrible at finding you in Kampala (so far 1/5 drivers has found us without trouble). We got to dance with the dancers for about 5 seconds before my friend panicked, noticing his low phone battery and drug me away from the stage and back to the entrance.



The artist savior and the accidental treasure expedition: So our uber driver never showed up at the cultural center. Our phone was dead. Most of the guests had already left while my friend and I had paced up and down the road looking for the driver. As soon as we got back to the center I marched right up to the front desk, explained our situation, and asked a very kind person to call us a taxi. Because we were on the edge of town, it was hard for them to find us a driver. But with some pleading, they convinced the artist who sells their paintings at the center (who doubles as a driver) to drive 8 kilometers to the cultural center and rescue us. Al-throughout this, I kept telling my friend that this would make a fun adventure. Little did I know how cool it would be. I had no idea our driver would be an artist. I can’t go very long without drawing and painting. I had brought a limited amount of art supplies to Uganda (my starvation rations). I finally got to ask an artist about good places to stock up on supplies, where to go to see local art galleries, and what local art festibles I could attend. Thus began my expedition to find art supplies (my treasure hunt). I went to the closest store the artist recommended. They did not have the supplies I was looking for, but I was giddy with nerdy joy when I was able to procure a behemoth civil engineering reference guide for a very low price.



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