Finding my people: Home is where the heart is and my heart is here.

I am absolutely head over heels in love with Uganda. I have found my people. IMG-20180625-WA0015

Knee deep in it and learning from the best!

My good friend once said, I pursue deep friendships, and I work hard to get them. This was, upon uprooting my life, and moving to Colorado where I knew no one. So of course, I wanted to kindle new friendships and I wanted to do so immediately. I am incredibly blessed in my life. No matter where I have moved, I have formed a new family (Missouri, Bolivia, Arizona, Kansas, Florida, and now Uganda). I have lived a life rich in love and connection.  I try to let to of any reservations, and open myself as much as possible to new experiences, cultures, and environments. I don’t know why I have found so many amazing individuals to adopt me and take me under their wings, but I’m going to keep rolling with it.

In Uganda, I have been met with open arms by my new family who has an equal desire for kindling deep intimate friendships. I recently fell very ill for about three weeks. This was so incredibly frustrating. There I was trapped in bed, trying my best to put on my game face and do the work I love and contribute to my dreams but unable to do so. For a little while I was able to work partial days while ill, but then my boss put me on house arrest until I got better.

Taking turns teaching how to cook traditional meals from our cultures

While I was sick my family showed me just how much they loved me. I had daily phone calls and texts from my friends (and even relative strangers who I only met once). They would send me inspirational quotes, uplifting videos, and up beet songs. They would check in on me and make sure I was getting the care I needed. They would make sure I was not over resting, was eating nutritiously, and was getting exercise. They would even offer suggestions on what could be ailing me and how I could cure it. People would visit me daily to entertain me and ensure I was recovering to there satisfaction. I had to leave my new family in Bududa (my sister and brother, nieces, and nephew) to go get treatment at a hospital 7 hours away. They called me every day. There were so many sad tears when we separated, and when I had to postpone my return. I have opened my heart, and revealed my close guarded to insecurities and painful history to so many friends here. They have accepted me with open arms. I could not be happier!

People ask me aren’t you homesick? Don’t you miss the States? I respond, how could I be? Home is where the heart it, and my heart is here.

Now that I have recovered, I am finally getting back into the game today!!! I am going to be conducting Topographical Surveys for some future bridge sites. If you don’t know what a topographical survey is, imagine gathering GPS coordinates and using fancy trigonometry to map out the elevations and distances of the different land features ( where each foundation will be built, where the river is, where obstacles are etc.) where a bridge is proposed to be built.


One thought on “Finding my people: Home is where the heart is and my heart is here.

  1. I’m loving your stories. You worked hard to get this opportunity and to prepare for it. Keep up the faith and great work. We miss you here, Rita K


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