Extending my work in Africa to a year and BEYOND!!!!

I am over the moon with Uganda! I have extended my contract to stay here till next summer, making my work here a year long. Not only that, but I may move to Rwanda!

I have the opportunity to travel to Rwanda this January!!!!! I will be launching a pilot study measuring the economic and health impacts of footbridges. We will be using the pilot study to apply for funding for a much more intensive large scale study in Rwanda. If it goes through, this will be my PhD project!

I get to hike daily for my job doing topographic surveys and needs assessments. I have the honor of serving on a construction site with my brothers and sisters next to beautiful waterfalls. I get to solve the coolest engineering problems alongside my new family. And of course, I get to use excel wizardry to create tools for our team. I get to do all of this in my current job with Bridge to Prosperity in Uganda. Now I may get to extend this dream job into my Phd, and move next door to Rwanda!!!!!

Here are some pictures of this paradise I am living in.


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